All employers are looking for employees that have the ability to work effectively as part of a team. Being a team player requires a firm grasp of what cooperation looks like in the workplace. Here are some simple tips to help you thrive in a cooperative fashion at work.

Set Aside Personal Differences

There are going to be people you work with that you don’t connect with on a personal level, and that’s okay – you don’t have to be best friends with everyone. The important thing is that you are able to set personal differences aside and work together to achieve shared goals and support the company’s mission. #TipsToThrive #WorldOfWork #ManpowerMaine #BackToBasics

Follow Through With Your Work

When you work with a team, people are counting on you to see your duties through to completion. Everyone’s work is interconnected, so if you don’t do your part, you may be delaying the work of others and negatively impacting the team’s success. Completing your work in a timely and efficient manner will help keep the whole team moving in a productive direction. #TipsToThrive #WorldOfWork #ManpowerMaine #BackToBasics

Respect Diversity

Each person and every department brings a unique value to the team. Different backgrounds, skills, and professional experiences contribute fresh perspectives, new ideas, and opportunities for innovation. Be respectful of the differences of others and recognize that while they may not always do things the way you would do them, their contribution is equally important. #TipsToThrive #WorldOfWork #ManpowerMaine #BackToBasics


Give Credit Where Credit is Due

When you achieve a milestone at work or your department accomplishes a major goal, don’t forget all the other team members or departments that helped make it possible. Celebrating shared successes is great for morale and goes a long way in helping people feel respected, appreciated, and included. What workplace couldn’t use more of that energy? #TipsToThrive #WorldOfWork #ManpowerMaine #BackToBasics

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