While every company can and should clearly outline behaviors that have zero tolerance at work such as harrassment, discrimination, hate speech, and violent behavior in their employee handbooks – many other behaviors, while more subtle, can also create a toxic and hostile environment.

Be Inclusive.

Being inclusive doesn’t mean that you have to be best buddies with everyone you work with, it simply means that you are civil, respectful, open, and inviting. Simply treat others how you would like to be treated, be welcoming, and avoid getting caught up in petty, members-only style cliques in the workplace. Check your ego and judgmental tendencies at the door. #TipsToThrive #WorldOfWork #ManpowerMaine #BackToBasics

Avoid Controversial Hot Button Topics

There are enough places for you to engage in debates on hot button subjects like politics, religion, and discussions of morality – the workplace is not one of them. If you crave some idle chatter while you work, that’s fine – but topics that are bound to lead to controversy or heated debate should be saved for when you are not at work. If you think about it, isn’t the idea of a controversy-free space rather refreshing? #TipsToThrive #WorldOfWork #ManpowerMaine #BackToBasics

Gossiping Doesn’t Suit You

You will get annoyed with people, you will get frustrated by something that happens at work, you may even overhear some information that wasn’t intended to be shared – it happens. No matter what, keep it to yourself. Any immediate relief you may get from gossiping is sure to be short-lived, but the ramifications of it could be far-reaching. And the truth is, gossiping says far more about you than it does about the subject.   #TipsToThrive #WorldOfWork #ManpowerMaine #BackToBasics


Respect Personal Boundaries

No one wants their personal life to become workplace fodder. It is no fun for the individual and it could make it awkward for those you work with.  To avoid this uncomfortable situation it is important to refrain from oversharing intimate details of your life – both intentionally through talking openly with a co-worker, or unintentionally by talking a little loudly on a personal call. Not only should you not be oversharing details about your life, you should not be asking for overly personal details from others either. #TipsToThrive #WorldOfWork #ManpowerMaine #BackToBasics

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