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Ask Manpower: Applying And Not Hearing Back

Ask Manpower:

I have been applying to a bunch of jobs, but it seems like I never hear back. What should I do?

This is a question we hear a lot in our business. Understandably, job seekers find themselves frustrated when they are applying to multiple jobs and not hearing back. If you have found yourself out of work unexpectedly, or if you desperately need to make a job change it is already a stressful time and not hearing back can feel incredibly defeating. While we cannot guarantee that you will hear back from every company you apply to, we do have some tips that will help you get noticed and increase the likelihood of being called back.

Be More Selective About What You Are Applying For

Yes, you want/need a job. And you are likely willing to do just about anything – only, it really isn’t that simple. When an employer is looking to hire, they are looking for people that have both the direct working experience and skills necessary to do the job. The world of work moves at a rapid pace and it leaves little time for training staff. So if you are applying to a ton of jobs, it is likely that you are not being as selective as you should be and carefully applying to positions that are a match for your skills and experience.

When searching for work, be sure to thoroughly read through the job description. Pay close attention to the skills and experience they are looking for. Can you clearly describe to this employer what you bring to the table and how it will help you be successful in this role? If so, great – continue on to the next step. If not, you should probably spend your time looking for another opportunity.

Take the Time to Modify Your Resume for Each Job

As noted above, every ‘good’ job advertisement is going to clearly outline the skills, experience, and qualifications that they are looking for in a candidate. They may use different terms or acronyms to describe what they do. They may call special attention to a certain quality that they are looking for. Before you just send off that same old resume that you have sent to every other employer, take the time to ensure that you are including that information.

The reality is, most employers do not have the time to fully read every resume they get due to having other responsibilities as well as the sheer volume of resumes they get. This means that they are likely scanning through resumes to look for those key attributes that they listed in their job description. From there they will quickly identify a couple people that they are interested in speaking with. The others will likely get placed in the no pile, never to be revisited again.

Double-check Your Contact Information

As simple as this may seem, you would be surprised how often this is an issue. In our line of work, we process hundreds of applications and resumes each month. Common issues we see for contact information are: the wrong/disconnected telephone number, an outdated/out of area address, a less than appropriate email, a lack of voicemail access, and transposed numbers. All of these missteps could quickly move you out of the running for a job that you would be a great fit for.

You also want to be fully aware of the information that can be gathered by simply googling your name. Before you dive right in and start applying for your dream job – make the time to do a simple internet search on yourself and adjust settings on your social profiles if there is any chance that it could negatively impact someone’s perception of you.

Follow Up On Your Application

It is perfectly acceptable to follow up on your application for a job that was advertised within a reasonable time frame. We don’t recommend a high-pressure approach though. All too often employers are eager to get a job out there to start accepting applications, but may not have the immediate capacity to follow up on those applications – so a little patience is encouraged. Most employers we know would be okay with an applicant calling to perform a simple follow up 1 week after they submitted their application.

Again, you should take a soft approach when making this contact whether it be through email or over the phone. Simply say something like, “Good morning (hiring manager’s name), I wanted to take a moment to reach out to make sure that you received my application for your (insert job title). Given my experience and what I read about this position, I am very interested in learning more.” This approach let’s the hiring manager know to look for your resume and demonstrates that you are still interested and engaged in the process.

As you can see, while there are pieces of the hiring process that are out of your control – there are still many things you can control.

About Manpower’s General Application Process

Due to the large number of businesses we work with and the wide variety of skills they are looking for – Manpower offers a general application process. What this means is that you can apply directly to Manpower and one of our recruiters will reach out to talk with you about all the skills and experience you offer in order to consider you for many different jobs we are hiring for.

Get Noticed by The Right People at The Right Time – With Manpower!

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Back to Basics: Digital Communication in the Workplace

As time has goes on we all have become increasingly dependent on technology for a bulk of our communication. Emailing, texting, messaging, and who knows what advances are yet to come. While digital communication has many upsides, such as convenience and speed, it has its fair share of pitfalls too.

Some important components of communication are hard to gauge in writing such as tone, inflection, and of course body language. This means that we have to be even more diligent and purposeful in our digital interactions.

Keep It Professional

While it is easy to fire off a text and throw in a couple cute emojis or send off an email with a quick question, when doing so on the job you should tread carefully and keep it professional. Taking the time to open with a quick and friendly greeting, paying close attention to spelling and grammar, and using appropriate punctuation will go a long way in your written communications and increase the likelihood of being taken seriously as a professional.

When communicating with anyone, it is best to know your audience. Avoiding slang terminology, acronyms, and excessive exclamation marks will help ensure your message is seen as workplace appropriate. While you want your personality to shine through sometimes, it is also recommended that you avoid getting too creative with your background settings, signatures, fonts, and the colors you use.

Keep It Professional

One key to a successful and comfortable work environment for all is to speak and behave in a professional manner. The workplace is not an appropriate setting to ask intrusive & personal questions, tell insensitive or raunchy jokes, or engage in controversial conversations that are outside the scope of why you are there in the first place.  When engaging in friendly conversation with fellow staff, always keep it professional. If the conversation steers into a direction that you feel crosses the line, politely acknowledge that perhaps this is not something that you wish to discuss in the workplace.  Taking that approach allows you to clarify a boundary while also not putting the other person on the defensive.

Respect Digital Boundaries

The ease of access that technology offers is most certainly one of the biggest perks. That being said, it is of the utmost importance that you respect digital boundaries. Spamming people, inappropriately replying to all, or not using the BCC feature when sending a mass email are common missteps that people make that demonstrate a lack of respect of digital boundaries.

Unsolicited private messages through platforms like Facebook or Twitter are to be avoided. Most people conduct business communications through specific channels, and it is important to respect those boundaries. Unless you have been invited to engage someone through social media or texting on a business issue, it is best that you stick to more traditional communication methods.

Be Clear & Concise

When sending written communication, the best practice is to be clear and concise. Sending lengthy emails may at times be unavoidable, but in most cases, less is more. When sending a text, you want to keep the message within 160 characters to ensure it goes through as an individual message. In email you want to take the time to be clear and concise, and when appropriate make good use of bullets, formatting, and white space.

If there is an intended outcome of the message, for example you are expecting a reply make sure you bring the reader’s attention to that request. You can do this by highlighting the information and request a reply in your opening, or you could use of text formatting (such as making the request in bold) to draw the person in.

Avoid Reading Into Things

As mentioned before, there are a lot of non-verbal cues that are missing from written communication. It is often difficult to interpret things such as tone or sarcasm in writing, which can create unintended conflict or worry. When on the receiving end of an email, be careful to not start reading in between the lines. If you ever find yourself questioning what is being said, or more importantly how it is being said – take the time to ask. By getting clarification you will likely save yourself a ton of worry and frustration.

Digital Is Not Always Best

There are times when it is best to just pick up the phone or go see someone in person. Not only can digital communication come across as impersonal, there are times when the message will be more properly received by hearing tone or seeing body language. In addition, there are some conversations you may have that you do not necessarily want in writing. If ever in doubt about whether technology is the best method for communication, it is best to air on the side of caution and pick up the phone or set up a meeting.

When it comes to navigating the world of work – Manpower is here to help!

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Hacking Work: Digital Communication

Everything can be hacked, even the workplace. Manpower is ready to help you hack the world of work with some simple tips to thrive that will keep you moving in the right direction professionally.

The world has gone digital, which means that each and every one of us need to know how to communicate effectively in the digital sphere. Here are some quick tips to help you do just that.

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Tips to Thrive At Work – Boundaries

Setting healthy boundaries can be a difficult exercise for even the most seasoned professional. We all want to build strong relationships in the workplace but also must ensure that we don’t overstep or contribute to an uncomfortable or unproductive environment.

Respect Personal Space

Everyone has different needs regarding their personal space. Even with the best of intentions, doing things like standing too closely, handling someone’s personal belongings, or touching someone without permission – even just a pat on the shoulder or touch of the arm – could leave someone you work with feeling like their personal physical boundaries have been crossed. Be mindful and considerate of other people’s boundaries to ensure a comfortable work environment for your entire team.  #TipsToThrive #WorldOfWork #ManpowerMaine #BackToBasics

Follow The Rules

Most companies have detailed rules and policies about what is acceptable and unacceptable in the workplace. These are clear boundaries that have been established to create a safe, fair, and productive setting where employees can be effective in working towards common goals. It is your responsibility to follow these rules and do your part to support a culture of success. #TipsToThrive #WorldOfWork #ManpowerMaine #BackToBasics

Respect People’s Time

There’s a lot to do during the workday, and only so much time to do it – so in addition to managing your own time well, it’s important to respect the time of your teammates. Focus on completing your work in a timely manner so that others have what they need to be successful, and avoid being a source of unnecessary distractions – especially when people are feeling pressed for time. #TipsToThrive #WorldOfWork #ManpowerMaine #BackToBasics


Don’t Get Too Personal

It’s natural to develop friendly relationships with the people you work with, but when professional boundaries get crossed and you divulge information that is too personal, it can negatively impact those relationships and create obstacles to success in the workplace.  To avoid awkwardness and prevent your personal life from compromising your professional reputation, steer clear of oversharing. #TipsToThrive #WorldOfWork #ManpowerMaine #BackToBasics

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Hacking Work: Cooperation Video Tips

Everything can be hacked, even the workplace. Manpower is ready to help you hack the world of work with some simple tips to thrive that will keep you moving in the right direction professionally.

The world of work runs much more smoothly when everyone works together – which is why every hiring manager looks for people who are cooperative team players. But what does being a team player look like in the workforce? Here are a few quick video tips covering some essential practices.

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Hacking Work: Communication Video Tips

Everything can be hacked, even the workplace. Manpower is ready to help you hack the world of work with some simple tips to thrive that will keep you moving in the right direction professionally.

The world of work runs much more smoothly when everyone works together – which is why every hiring manager looks for people who are cooperative team players. But what does being a team player look like in the workforce? Here are a few quick video tips covering some essential practices.

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