They say “teamwork makes the dream work,” and the world of work is a classic example of how that can play out. When people within an organization work together, chances are the entire business will be overwhelmingly successful. However, when people within a company are looking out for ‘number one,’ instead of the whole, results are stifled.

Every employer wants to hire people that can work well as a team, here are simple ways that you can demonstrate that you are a team player.

Work Towards Shared Goals

Successful companies are clear about their goals and share those goals with everyone in their employ. Every job within that company has been designed to help achieve those goals and support the mission. When you recognize that you share the same goals and are all playing your part in working towards them, amazing things happen. Teams that work on shared goals in a cooperative way are going to be more successful, experience less drama and conflict, and have increased job satisfaction.

Set Aside Personal Differences

There are going to be people that you work with that you may not connect with on a personal level, and that is perfectly okay. What is not okay is allowing personal differences to impact how you work with someone. Personal differences and personality conflicts must get checked at the door. You don’t have to be friends with everyone you work with, you don’t have to connect with everyone on social media, but you must respect diversity in the workplace and recognize the value that diverse thoughts, backgrounds, and belief systems bring to the team.

Follow Through on Your Commitments

When you accept a job offer, you are making a commitment to the company and agreeing to perform your job to the best of your ability, each and every day. It is up to you to do your part. This requires that you work to effectively manage your time, eliminate distractions, ask for help if you are falling short in any areas, and communicate with those relying on you if you are unable to meet your commitments. It is incredibly empowering to own your own performance and results.

Recognize the Value of Others

Every person in the organization, from the one who is responsible for keeping the bathrooms clean and free of germs, the parking lot free of hazards, the person ordering the supplies, working on the backend of your website, to the one sitting at the helm planning the future – brings tremendous value and their work is important. All work is noble, and each person should feel good about how they contribute to the whole – and anyone who discounts another’s value is doing a disservice to the organization. Take the time to thank the people you work with – your sincere gratitude will be well received and greatly appreciated.

It Should Never be Personal

There will be times when you are on the receiving end of critical feedback, or perhaps you are the one providing the feedback – either way, avoid making it personal. This is one of the hardest things for people in the workforce. Giving and receiving critical feedback is not an enjoyable task, but it is important for professional growth. When discussing feedback, all involved must keep it professional and have the mindset that feedback is intended to be helpful. No matter how amazing a person is, there is always room for growth – check egos at the door and see feedback as a positive action designed to help.

If you are a team-player that is looking for a place to work where your efforts are valued, or an employer looking to add someone like that to your team – contact Manpower!