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Tips to Thrive – Mastering the Interview

Interviewing is an important part of the job search process, and there are some very simple things you can do to improve your success. Follow these practical tips and you will be well on your way to mastering the interview!

Practice Active Listening

Many people get nervous about interviewing, and when you’re nervous, you may spend more time thinking about how you’ll respond to someone than truly listening to what they’re saying. To avoid missing out on important details that your interviewer is providing, make a conscious effort to focus on what is being said. This will help you both feel more connected and engaged in the interview process.

Be Honest

Everyone wants to impress in the interview – but be careful not to cross the line between putting your best foot forward and misrepresenting yourself. If you feel it is necessary to exaggerate or lie to land a job, it is likely that the role you’re trying to take on won’t be the right fit. Set yourself up for success by being authentic, and the right doors will open to you.

Ask Questions

Don’t forget that you’re also a decision maker in the interviewing process! Ask questions that will help you get the information you need to decide if this is a company you want to work for. Questions about the job itself and the workplace culture are excellent places to start, but you will want to tailor your questions depending on what is most important to you in a job.


Stay Positive

Over the course of a job interview, you may decide that the position isn’t the right fit for you – and that is totally okay. Make sure that you still end things on a positive note by letting the company know that you appreciated their time and the opportunity to learn about their job opening. You may not be interested in this job, but the company may have future openings that you’re better suited for.

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Tips to Thrive – Career Development

Growing your career is an exciting but sometimes confusing process. If you’re just starting out or are trying to break into a new field, navigating next steps can be especially tricky. Follow the tips below to get yourself on the path to career growth, no matter where you’re starting out!

Never Stop Learning

One of the best ways to avoid stagnancy and keep your skills growing is to make a habit of seeking out new learning opportunities. Does your employer, area career center, or local adult education offer any training programs that may be of interest? Do you have a friend that is well-versed in a software program that could help you advance in your job? You’ll see learning opportunities everywhere if you are looking for them.

Say Yes to New Opportunities

Don’t be afraid to step outside of your comfort zone and take on new projects, experiences, or responsibilities when are they presented to you. Conquering new challenges not only builds confidence, it can also help you discover new strengths and uncover exciting opportunities you may not even have considered yet!

Tap into Your Network

Do you know someone who is working in a field you’d love to get into? Reach out! Getting more information about how they got started and what kind of experience was needed can help you figure out what steps you need to take to reach your goals. If they know you well enough to vouch for your work ethic and dependability, they may even be willing to give you a referral!


Ask For (and Accept) Feedback

Constructive criticism is a powerful professional development tool, because it provides you with insight on yourself that you may not have been able to obtain otherwise. Ask your supervisor for feedback periodically, and don’t get defensive if it is difficult to hear – remember, they want you to succeed! Pause, reflect on the feedback, and ask clarifying questions if needed.

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Tips to Thrive – Healthy Habits at Work

Improving and maintaining your health isn’t an activity that has to be reserved for your personal time. In fact, there a number of habits that you can build into your workday that will not only help you stay healthy and strong, they will also make work a more enjoyable place to be!

Take Your Breaks

Breaks are an excellent opportunity to squeeze some ‘me time’ into your day and recharge your mental batteries, allowing you to return to work with better focus and a more positive attitude. As tempting as it may be to skip them when you have lots to catch up on, taking a few moments away from your workstation is important to your health and can even improve your results!

Pack a Healthy Lunch

Brown bagging it isn’t just a great way to save money every week; it also gives you more control over the food options available to you. Packing your lunch will help you ensure that you have access to healthy, enjoyable foods to keep you fueled for success throughout the day!

Stand and Stretch Frequently

Frequent standing and stretching are good for your health no matter what kind of work you do, but is it especially important to build these habits if you work in a sedentary job. Frequent movement and stretching will help promote good circulation, ease stiffness and pain, improve energy and focus, and prevent injury.


Listen to Music

Playing music at work can help lift your spirits and set the pace for a happy, productive day. It’s hard to avoid the energizing effects of listening to music you enjoy – at times you may even find yourself moving along to the beat at your desk! This will help your day fly by and make the time you have to spend at work more enjoyable – so if it’s allowed in your work environment, don’t miss out.

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Tips to Thrive – Build Your Resume

Your resume should be an ongoing work in progress. What that means is that to thrive in the world of work, you always want to be thinking about how you are growing your professional skills and how they factor into your resume. Every job provides learning and growth opportunities, and it is up to you to recognize those opportunities and take advantage of them.

Say Yes to Opportunities

Whether you are asked to take on new responsibilities, participate in a training, or shift departments, you should consider each opportunity that is put in front of you. While not every opportunity will be right for you, don’t allow yourself to be so risk averse that you fail to seize an opportunity for growth.

Acknowledge All Growth

Redwood trees didn’t grow overnight, and neither will your professional skillset. All growth is incremental, and you need to acknowledge the seemingly inconsequential improvements you make. Success is built one step at a time and every step forward you take is something to be recognized.

Embrace Change

The only constant is change, and learning how to quickly embrace it will set you apart from all the rest. When a change presents itself, don’t wallow in what once was – instead, be the one leaning in and moving forward. Change can be scary because there are so many unknowns, but if you embrace it and commit to being successful no matter what, you will thrive.


Keep a Success Journal

Chances are you experience several professional wins and successes throughout the year. It is also likely that you celebrate those successes very briefly, move on quickly, and tend to forget about them. Keeping a journal where you record professional successes will not only provide you with a motivator when times get tough, it will also be helpful should you need to recall them for someone else.


Keep Your Resume Up to Date

Sometimes people forget that their resume is a living and breathing document, and they tend to only dust it off when they find themselves looking for a new job. Unless you are actively looking for work, it is a good idea to review and update your resume every six to twelve months. Keeping your resume up to date allows you to really reflect on your professional accomplishments and highlight the most notable ones.

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Tips to Thrive At Work – Digital Communication

Accidentally hitting reply all or clicking on a link that releases a virus on company devices are things you want to avoid when communicating digitally. Here are some tips to help you thrive in a world filled with digital communication.

Be Mindful Of Data Security

Accidentally hitting ‘reply all’ when your message is intended for a single individual has the potential to be more than just an embarrassing mistake; it could also expose confidential information to people who aren’t authorized to access it. Always double check who you are sending your message to, and when receiving emails, be sure to verify the sender before clicking links, downloading attachments, or providing sensitive information.  #TipsToThrive #WorldOfWork #ManpowerMaine #BackToBasics

Keep Your Emails Professional

Digital communication in the workplace is still communication in the workplace, so keep it appropriate, and maintain a professional tone by ensuring proper spelling and punctuation. While emojis and abbreviations are fun and convenient, they are best suited for casual communication with friends – not in an email to your supervisor. #TipsToThrive #WorldOfWork #ManpowerMaine #BackToBasics

Know Your Employer’s Technology Usage Policies

Unless using social media and accessing your personal email account are requirements of your job, don’t just assume that it’s allowed at work. Reading up on your employer’s policies regarding technology usage will not only help you stay in compliance, it can also help you avoid any unpleasant surprises – like learning that all your activity on a company computer or network may not be as private as you thought.#TipsToThrive #WorldOfWork #ManpowerMaine #BackToBasics


Own Your Digital Presence

Be mindful of the impact that your personal digital presence can have on your professional life. Content you share may be associated with or reported back to your employer – this risk is especially high if your profiles are public and list your place of work. Adjust your privacy settings accordingly if your profiles contain anything that you wouldn’t want someone at work to see. #TipsToThrive #WorldOfWork #ManpowerMaine #BackToBasics

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Tips to Thrive At Work – Boundaries

Setting healthy boundaries can be a difficult exercise for even the most seasoned professional. We all want to build strong relationships in the workplace but also must ensure that we don’t overstep or contribute to an uncomfortable or unproductive environment.

Respect Personal Space

Everyone has different needs regarding their personal space. Even with the best of intentions, doing things like standing too closely, handling someone’s personal belongings, or touching someone without permission – even just a pat on the shoulder or touch of the arm – could leave someone you work with feeling like their personal physical boundaries have been crossed. Be mindful and considerate of other people’s boundaries to ensure a comfortable work environment for your entire team.  #TipsToThrive #WorldOfWork #ManpowerMaine #BackToBasics

Follow The Rules

Most companies have detailed rules and policies about what is acceptable and unacceptable in the workplace. These are clear boundaries that have been established to create a safe, fair, and productive setting where employees can be effective in working towards common goals. It is your responsibility to follow these rules and do your part to support a culture of success. #TipsToThrive #WorldOfWork #ManpowerMaine #BackToBasics

Respect People’s Time

There’s a lot to do during the workday, and only so much time to do it – so in addition to managing your own time well, it’s important to respect the time of your teammates. Focus on completing your work in a timely manner so that others have what they need to be successful, and avoid being a source of unnecessary distractions – especially when people are feeling pressed for time. #TipsToThrive #WorldOfWork #ManpowerMaine #BackToBasics


Don’t Get Too Personal

It’s natural to develop friendly relationships with the people you work with, but when professional boundaries get crossed and you divulge information that is too personal, it can negatively impact those relationships and create obstacles to success in the workplace.  To avoid awkwardness and prevent your personal life from compromising your professional reputation, steer clear of oversharing. #TipsToThrive #WorldOfWork #ManpowerMaine #BackToBasics

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Tips to Thrive At Work – Cooperation

All employers are looking for employees that have the ability to work effectively as part of a team. Being a team player requires a firm grasp of what cooperation looks like in the workplace. Here are some simple tips to help you thrive in a cooperative fashion at work.

Set Aside Personal Differences

There are going to be people you work with that you don’t connect with on a personal level, and that’s okay – you don’t have to be best friends with everyone. The important thing is that you are able to set personal differences aside and work together to achieve shared goals and support the company’s mission. #TipsToThrive #WorldOfWork #ManpowerMaine #BackToBasics

Follow Through With Your Work

When you work with a team, people are counting on you to see your duties through to completion. Everyone’s work is interconnected, so if you don’t do your part, you may be delaying the work of others and negatively impacting the team’s success. Completing your work in a timely and efficient manner will help keep the whole team moving in a productive direction. #TipsToThrive #WorldOfWork #ManpowerMaine #BackToBasics

Respect Diversity

Each person and every department brings a unique value to the team. Different backgrounds, skills, and professional experiences contribute fresh perspectives, new ideas, and opportunities for innovation. Be respectful of the differences of others and recognize that while they may not always do things the way you would do them, their contribution is equally important. #TipsToThrive #WorldOfWork #ManpowerMaine #BackToBasics


Give Credit Where Credit is Due

When you achieve a milestone at work or your department accomplishes a major goal, don’t forget all the other team members or departments that helped make it possible. Celebrating shared successes is great for morale and goes a long way in helping people feel respected, appreciated, and included. What workplace couldn’t use more of that energy? #TipsToThrive #WorldOfWork #ManpowerMaine #BackToBasics

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Tips to Thrive At Work – Communication

Being an effective communicator is a powerful tool. Being an effective communicator goes beyond having a extensive vocabulary. It is having the ability to navigate different communication styles, being mindful of your body language and the words you choose, and even more understanding how you take in and process information.

When Unsure, Ask for Clarification

Most conflicts occur based on a lack of clarity or a simple miscommunication. If ever in doubt, don’t be afraid to ask for clarification. Asking for clarity will prevent frustration and stop a person from filling in details themselves. #TipsToThrive #WorldOfWork #ManpowerMaine #BackToBasics

Avoid Oversharing and Over Asking

It is natural that you will build friendly relationships at work. A true professional is able to set clear and appropriate boundaries for what is acceptable to share and ask in the workplace.   #TipsToThrive #WorldOfWork #ManpowerMaine #BackToBasics

Professional Feedback Is Not Personal

To experience long-term career success you must embrace a culture of continuous improvement. Feedback is used as a tool to help you excel in your work. When on the receiving end of performance feedback be mindful that it is not personal.  #TipsToThrive #WorldOfWork #ManpowerMaine #BackToBasics


Save the Colorful Language

Sentence enhancers – especially those of the four-letter variety – are best saved for outside of work. To be recognized as a strong communicator, it is important to hold yourself to a high standard when it comes to the language you use to convey your message.  #TipsToThrive #WorldOfWork #ManpowerMaine #BackToBasics

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Tips to Thrive At Work – Demonstrating Dependability

While every company can and should clearly outline behaviors that have zero tolerance at work such as harassment, discrimination, hate speech, and violent behavior in their employee handbooks – many other behaviors, while more subtle, can also create a toxic and hostile environment.

Show Up: On Time, Every Time, Prepared to Work.

Dependable employees don’t merely show up, and they certainly don’t regularly saunter in late carrying drive through take out. Dependable employees arrive on time (or even early) prepared to begin working at the agree

Consistently Commit to Quality Work

Taking pride in your work, paying close attention to detail, and being committed to quality is a core trait of dependable employees. While quantity also matters in many instances, quality will always trump quantity – it is up to you to strike a healthy balance between the two. #TipsToThrive #WorldOfWork #ManpowerMaine #BackToBasics

Follow Through on Commitments

Whether you are assigned a project with a deadline, signed up to volunteer for a committee, or offered to cover someone else’s shift – once you make a commitment it is vital that you follow through. This also means knowing when to say no, if being asked to help out and you aren’t confident you will be able to follow through it is important that you recognize it and be transparent. #TipsToThrive #WorldOfWork #ManpowerMaine #BackToBasics


Be Someone People Can Count On

Being someone that people can count on, means that you act with consistency. Naturally there will come a time when you have an ‘off’ day, but that is not the norm. When you work with people or rely on someone else you want to be able to count on them – its up to you to offer that same level of dependability. #TipsToThrive #WorldOfWork #ManpowerMaine #BackToBasics

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Tips to Thrive At Work – Self Awareness

In order to thrive in the world of work and contribute to the delicate workforce ecosystem, we all must commit to being self-aware. This doesn’t mean you can’t be your authentic-self or embrace the diversity that your individual style and quirks offer – it means you are willing to reflect on how you may be perceived by others.

Be Aware of What Makes You Tick

We all have things that fuel us and things that drive us a little crazy. Knowing what makes you tick can help you find inspiration in times of defeat, and can help you strategize ways to overcome common annoyances that could trigger your frustration.

Consider How Others Perceive You

You have probably heard the expression, “you catch more flies with honey.” Ultimately, what this means is that to achieve favorable results and build solid relationships, you need to be aware of how you come across to others, and be willing to adjust your approach when necessary.

Keep Your Motives In Check

We all have personal reasons behind the choices we make. Being aware of the motives behind your choices and keeping them in check can help you make the best possible decisions to propel you forward in your career, and you will be more likely to have the ability to sustain that momentum.


Check-in or Check-Out

How engaged you are at work is a personal choice. If you truly want to thrive at work, you must be committed to being checked-in and doing your very best each day. If you are at the point where you are just showing up and not caring about the quality of your work, then it is time to make some important professional decisions about your future.


Temper Your Emotional Responses

Having intense emotional responses at work can hurt you professionally and damage your credibility. You are human and will naturally experience different emotions in the workplace – what is important is knowing how to manage those emotions in the most productive way, and paying attention to warning signs that you could be nearing an outburst.

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