It doesn’t matter if you are applying to be the CEO of a Fortune 500 company or an entry-level position at a small mom & pop diner, all hiring managers are looking for candidates that hold themselves personally accountable.

Admit Your Mistakes Early

You will make your fair share of mistakes, it is human nature. The key to success is not hiding them, brushing them under the rug, or placing blame on others – it is quickly recognizing the error, fixing it if you can, or reaching out for assistance when necessary.

You Are In Control of Your Response

Whether you are faced with a challenge, an unexpected change, or a conflict with a co-worker or boss, you are in control of how you respond. Personal accountability is about recognizing that you are in control of your actions, behavior, and attitude – then taking the next best step to move forward in a productive manner.

Make The Best of Every Situation

To thrive at work, you must recognize that the only constant is change. If you (or the company) is not changing, chances are you aren’t moving forward. By looking for positive opportunity in every situation, you are setting yourself up to be successful no matter what unexpected curveball is sent your way.


Own Your Work and Attitude

No one likes to be micro-managed, and the truth is: most leaders don’t want to have to micro-manage their team. The best way to avoid that unfortunate scenario is to manage yourself by owning your work, your effort, and your attitude – before someone else has to.

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