Accidentally hitting reply all or clicking on a link that releases a virus on company devices are things you want to avoid when communicating digitally. Here are some tips to help you thrive in a world filled with digital communication.

Be Mindful Of Data Security

Accidentally hitting ‘reply all’ when your message is intended for a single individual has the potential to be more than just an embarrassing mistake; it could also expose confidential information to people who aren’t authorized to access it. Always double check who you are sending your message to, and when receiving emails, be sure to verify the sender before clicking links, downloading attachments, or providing sensitive information.  #TipsToThrive #WorldOfWork #ManpowerMaine #BackToBasics

Keep Your Emails Professional

Digital communication in the workplace is still communication in the workplace, so keep it appropriate, and maintain a professional tone by ensuring proper spelling and punctuation. While emojis and abbreviations are fun and convenient, they are best suited for casual communication with friends – not in an email to your supervisor. #TipsToThrive #WorldOfWork #ManpowerMaine #BackToBasics

Know Your Employer’s Technology Usage Policies

Unless using social media and accessing your personal email account are requirements of your job, don’t just assume that it’s allowed at work. Reading up on your employer’s policies regarding technology usage will not only help you stay in compliance, it can also help you avoid any unpleasant surprises – like learning that all your activity on a company computer or network may not be as private as you thought.#TipsToThrive #WorldOfWork #ManpowerMaine #BackToBasics


Own Your Digital Presence

Be mindful of the impact that your personal digital presence can have on your professional life. Content you share may be associated with or reported back to your employer – this risk is especially high if your profiles are public and list your place of work. Adjust your privacy settings accordingly if your profiles contain anything that you wouldn’t want someone at work to see. #TipsToThrive #WorldOfWork #ManpowerMaine #BackToBasics

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