Improving and maintaining your health isn’t an activity that has to be reserved for your personal time. In fact, there a number of habits that you can build into your workday that will not only help you stay healthy and strong, they will also make work a more enjoyable place to be!

Take Your Breaks

Breaks are an excellent opportunity to squeeze some ‘me time’ into your day and recharge your mental batteries, allowing you to return to work with better focus and a more positive attitude. As tempting as it may be to skip them when you have lots to catch up on, taking a few moments away from your workstation is important to your health and can even improve your results!

Pack a Healthy Lunch

Brown bagging it isn’t just a great way to save money every week; it also gives you more control over the food options available to you. Packing your lunch will help you ensure that you have access to healthy, enjoyable foods to keep you fueled for success throughout the day!

Stand and Stretch Frequently

Frequent standing and stretching are good for your health no matter what kind of work you do, but is it especially important to build these habits if you work in a sedentary job. Frequent movement and stretching will help promote good circulation, ease stiffness and pain, improve energy and focus, and prevent injury.


Listen to Music

Playing music at work can help lift your spirits and set the pace for a happy, productive day. It’s hard to avoid the energizing effects of listening to music you enjoy – at times you may even find yourself moving along to the beat at your desk! This will help your day fly by and make the time you have to spend at work more enjoyable – so if it’s allowed in your work environment, don’t miss out.

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