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Maine Division of Vocational Rehabilitation

Maine Department of Labor Bureau of Rehabilitation Services

Manpower is proud to work with the Maine Department of Labor Department of Rehabilitation Services to help prepare those with disabilities for the workforce by helping them secure employment.

We work closely with the dedicated Vocational Rehabilitation Counselors to successfully onboard and prepare their clients for their upcoming assignments.

Before starting a client on assignment, please be sure to review the DVR Checklist to confirm that all documents & processes have been completed to prevent any unnecessary delays.

IMPORTANT! Client cannot begin work until Manpower has received and authorized both the placement request form and the employment packet.

Downloadable Documents

Complete Employment Packet

Here you will find the complete employment packet to be filled out prior to the associate starting work.

Important Note: 

Please do not fill out these forms in the browser, you must download the packet and save to your computer in order to save the information. 

Work Opportunity Tax Credit Questionnaire

Please complete the Work Opportunity Tax Credit (WOTC) questionnaire using the link
below. Click the Continue button, complete the questionnaire, then click Finish.

Manpower participates in the federal government’s Work Opportunity Tax Credit program
and/or other federal and state tax credit programs. The information you supply will be used
by Manpower to complete its federal and/or state tax returns. Your responses to the
questions are voluntary and will be confidential to this company’s management and thirdparty
service providers, federal, state and local agencies, and other third parties as
necessary to determine eligibility.

Please answer all the questions. The interview takes about 3 to 4 minutes to complete.
Thank you!

Any stakeholder involved with this program (worksite, VRCs, Employment Specialists, Job Coaches, etc.) should have a copy and be familiar with these procedures. In the event of an accident or injury at work, Manpower must be notified immediately.

Maine DVR Progressive Employment Program

For Employment Packet Related Questions

For questions regarding the employment packet paperwork contact:

Suzanne Webb


Briana Lagasse


For General Program Questions

If you have general program questions please feel free to reach out to:

Darcy Brockman (Regions 1,2)

O: 207-822-3343  C: 207-248-2248

Elizabeth A. Nitzel (Regions 3,4,5)

C: 207-441-1308

Frequently Asked Questions

It is our focus and responsibility to place clients in safe and approved work experiences.  There are certain industries or jobs that we have determined to be prohibited due to safety, risk assessment and/or insurance liability reasons.

This list is not all-inclusive, and Manpower reserves the right to decline a work experience based on our assessment. Please note that all work experiences must be approved prior to the client starting.

You can view the process to complete section 2 of the I9 form by clicking here.

Here are some samples of completed Section 2(s):

Sample Section 2 I9 ID Birth CertificateSample Section 2 I9 ID SS CardSample Section 2 I9 Passport

All employers must verify identity and employment eligibility for all employees. This verification is completed through the federal I-9 document.

As the Vocational Rehabilitation Counselor you are authorized to verify identity for your clients but must follow all federal guidelines including only using approved forms of documentation.

For your convenience we have provided a link below to a list of all acceptable documents. If it is not on this list, it will not be allowed to be used as a form of identity verification.

Important Note: If you (or someone else) are preparing this form for your client, you must fill out the preparer section of the I9. 

On January 1, 2023, the state-wide minimum hourly wage increased to $13.80/hr and the minimum weekly salary will increase to $796.17/wk.

There are two exceptions: city of Portland and city of Rockland will each increase their minimum wage to $14.00.

It is the responsibility of the associate to report their time to Manpower each week that they work. This process is completed through PeopleNet. Below you will find instructions on how to log your time, as well as a link to the PeopleNet platform.

To ensure your client gets paid on time, it is important that the Voc Rehab Counselor that is designated to approve time logs into PeopleNet every week to do so.

Direct Deposit pay statements are emailed as a pdf attachment each pay period from to the client’s email address we have on file. The attachment is password-protected pdf to ensure that personal information is secure.  The password will always be the last four digits of the client social security number.

If there is a 2-year gap in between work experiences a new packet is required. If there is less than a 2-year gap in service you still must provide updated contact, banking, tax information and any other individual forms that have been updated since the last time. A Manpower Recruiter will communicate requirements before approving a work experience.