Manufacturing is at the backbone of the American economy and society; without it, our country and state would not be what we know it to be today. At the core of every product made is the people behind the scenes making it happen. From research and development, to designing products, to working the production lines, to sales and marketing – the manufacturing industry puts millions of people to work every day. Each and every one of the positions that the industry offers takes skill, talent, and a strong work ethic, yet some look at the work as a lesser option – making recruiting and hiring a challenge. Trades, manufacturing, and production work, while sometimes gritty and dirty, sometimes high-tech, is rewarding, exciting, and noble!

This is why in 2012, the National Association of Manufacturers and other organizations decided to pull together and create a day where manufacturers across the country could open their doors and show people the work they do, the opportunities they offer, and help clear up some misconceptions. Here at Manpower, we have proudly served the manufacturing industry and the makers of Maine since 1961, and are pleased to participate in a day recognizing them.

We are inviting anyone who may be interested in learning about the many career opportunities offered in the manufacturing industry to stop into your local Manpower office this Friday, October 4th to speak with one of our recruiting team members. With a large number of positions at a variety of well-respected manufacturing companies, we have a lot to offer and are ready to talk about the potential career paths manufacturing can offer you.

To learn more about Manufacturing Day, please visit and follow the social conversation by searching #MFGDay19 #WeAreMFG #CreatorsWanted.

And most importantly, to all the makers of Maine, we appreciate you.