Change can be difficult, and change in your work environment is no exception. Whether you’re under new management, your job description is evolving, or the company is simply shifting gears in a new direction, you may find yourself unsure of how to adapt or thrive in your new set of circumstances. Here are some tips to help you navigate professional change with grace, while setting yourself up for continued success. 

Embrace the idea of change.

When you find that the fear of uncertainty has you resisting change, it’s time to put yourself in the mindset to see opportunities, not obstacles. While change can be unsettling, don’t forget that career twists and turns can also bring you to delightfully unexpected destinations. Being open and adaptable to change helps you grow, which helps make a whole new world of possibilities accessible to you. 

Reflect carefully on what you’ve learned. 

Change challenges us to question what we know and adapt to a new reality. If you’re in the midst of a change in your professional life and aren’t quite sure how to proceed, don’t panic. One of the best ways to chart a path forward is to learn from your past. Assess what you’ve done and the progress you’ve made so far so that you can figure out what makes sense for the future. What have you most enjoyed doing? What have been some of your biggest career challenges? Have you uncovered any strengths or weaknesses that you’d like to explore or improve? Answering these questions helps get you better in tune with your career wants and needs, so that when you’re faced with change, you can tackle it with the confidence and determination of someone who knows what they’re working towards. 

Be mindful of old habits.

Change is uncomfortable because it forces us to operate outside of our comfort zone. In that comfort zone, there are lots of different habits and routines that provide a sense of stability and control. Some are beneficial, while others may hinder our progress and limit our work capacity. If we keep falling back on the habits that no longer serve us, we’re not successfully adapting to the new circumstances or challenging ourselves to grow. So, as you work to manage change in your professional life, take a careful inventory of your habits, and make an actionable plan to address any that you feel could be problematic.

Never burn bridges. 

If your personal and professional needs aren’t lining up with the direction your current employer is headed in, it’s time to find a new job. That’s okay – as long as you do so without burning any bridges. Leaving a job can be a very emotionally charged situation, so it’s important to handle it professionally by providing adequate notice and treating people with respect. You never know when the working relationships you’ve built at one job could make or break a future career opportunity – don’t throw them away to satisfy a fleeting moment of anger or frustration. 

Partner with an expert that understands.

If you’re not able to get on board with the changes happening in your job, and you’re ready to explore your options, make the process easier on yourself by partnering with a team that understands career transitions inside and out. Working with a reputable staffing firm like Manpower allows you to benefit from a vast network of employer connections, and provides you with the opportunity to learn more about a variety of employment options – some of which you may never have discovered otherwise! 

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