Together We Will Keep Maine Working

In these unprecedented times it is nice to know you have options. Many essential State of Maine departments are finding themselves short-staffed and facing an increased demand for their services. As your approved staffing partner through our contract with the State of Maine, we are poised to help you through these challenging times.

We are currently working with many organizations that have been impacted by COVID-19 to help bridge their workers to new jobs. No one was planning on this pandemic, and its ripple effects are far-reaching. While no one is certain of what the future may hold, what we do know is that many Maine people are looking for work – and there are essential employers that are actively hiring. We have the capability and the expertise needed to help make those matches.

Approved Vendor Since 2016

After a thorough RFP Process, Manpower was selected as an approved provider of temporary staffing services for the State of Maine in 2016 and received a contract extension in 2018 that runs through June 30, 2021.  Based on the written proposal, Manpower was selected as the highest rated overall provider – a designation that we will work hard to prove was well deserved. It is through this contract that State agencies, like you, are able to quickly and efficiently secure temporary staffing services by following the state approved process.

From the State of Maine Website:

“To create a Delivery Order with the vendor, you can click on this “how to link and follow the advantage instructions. PLEASE NOTE: Each Delivery Order must have a Temporary Staffing Authorization form attached.

When you receive an acceptable invoice, payment must be made within 30 days from when you receive the invoice. You may need to contact your Service Center to accomplish this part of the process, which will vary by department”.

Manpower’s Vendor Information

Vendor Name: Maine Business Services dba Manpower

VC#: 18P-16070700000000000003

Better Access. Better Match. Better Results.

You need the right people, at the right time in order to increase productivity and drive business results. With Manpower’s full spectrum of human resources services, you will not only gain confidence in your hires, but also reduce your hiring timelines and cost. Whether you need 1 or 100 associates, Manpower has all the tools and experience to meet your needs. With 8 offices throughout Maine, we have you covered from York to Aroostook county – and everywhere in between. 


What We Offer

As a full-spectrum staffing service we offer temporary, temp-to-perm, and permanent hiring solutions. Uncertain times require flexible solutions – and flexible solutions are what Manpower offers. Our talent is finding you yours, so you can focus your efforts on driving business results. Your involvement in the selection and hiring process is all up to you and your comfort level. Many Maine employers trust Manpower to manage the complete process, while others want to stay involved. That choice is entirely up to you and we will support you in the best way that you see fit.

Our 6 Point Process

Step 1: Discover

We are committed to building a strong foundation that delivers quality results. That foundation is built on getting a clear understanding about your unique needs, position, culture, and requirements. We have found that spending a little time upfront speaking with you and getting to know more about the specific skills and qualities you are looking for in a candidate, as well as the unique intricacies of your work environment, will best enable us to develop a high-impact recruiting strategy.

Step 2: Recruit

Once we have thoroughly identified your needs, we immediately tap into our network of active candidates to identify any potential matches. We also create a strategic employment marketing plan to ensure that the messaging in our ads and the placement of them is likely to drive the best possible response. We also deploy our sourcing team to proactively solicit candidates that may not see our ads but are passively seeking work.

Step 3: Qualify

Qualifying candidates is a critical component in making the right match the first time. Once we have identified candidates that appear to have the skills you are seeking, we will then take the opportunity to more thoroughly screen them based on your requirements. This can involve both traditional screening methods in addition to validated skills assessments.

Step 4: Match

Once we present a candidate to you, they have already been screened for skills, experience, and interest in the position you are offering.  From that point you determine the next steps, you may decide to have us move forward with the candidate right away, or you could opt to hold your own screening process. No matter how you choose to proceed, our team will be right there helping to streamline the process, facilitate connection, and navigate any potential negotiations. 

Step 5: Onboard

Now that a hiring decision has been made, we are here to ensure that your new associate completes all necessary paperwork and training to ensure a smooth transition into your workforce. We take the time to go over all policies and procedures. A successful onboarding is key to setting the right tone and expectations with any new team member.

Step 6: Engage

As your employment partner, we strive for ongoing satisfaction. Maintaining open lines of communication with both the associates and the supervisors is embedded into our process. Staying engaged with all involved parties helps to maintain and/or improve performance as well as increase overall assignment satisfaction. We are a committed to providing exceptional service through the entire employment life-cycle.

Take advantage of all the tools in your toolbox…