How Long Have You Been With Manpower?

I joined the Manpower Maine team 10 years ago. The first 6 years I held the role of a Staffing Specialist and for the last 4 years have held the title of Senior Recruiting Specialist.

What Does a Typical Day Of Work Look Like For You? 

Every day is so different, so I can’t confidently say there is such a thing as a typical day. But what is great about that is that I am still learning new things all the time. Some days I am primarily focused on filling open jobs with the most qualified candidate and other days I am finding ways to bring new candidates to Manpower or out seeking new business client relationships.

I conduct a lot of interviews with job seekers. There are a variety of ways that candidates come to Manpower. I meet them in my office, or at career fairs, we use technology to have virtual interviews when the candidate is from away, and I also host on-site interviews at our clients’ facilities.

I spend a lot of time providing customer service to our current associates and business partners. This could include performance reviews, worksite tours, rewarding associates for stellar performance and safety on the job, and coaching or counseling associates on job performance if necessary. 

What Is The Most Rewarding Part of Your Job?

Without doubt it is connecting a job seeker to a satisfying position with one of my clients. Making that connection not only makes the candidate happy but it eases a burden on my clients. When a client is happy with the associates we send them, they keep coming back and that leaves me feeling fulfilled. 

What Is The Hardest Part Of Your Job?

Navigating the misconceptions that seem to surround the staffing industry.

What Do You Mean By Misconceptions?

I think a lot of people believe we only have temporary positions, or that working with an agency is only for those that can’t find a job themselves, and that could not be further from the truth.

We offer everything from temporary work to high-level permanent positions. We also help our associates get their foot in the door at some of the area’s top employers every single day! Many of these companies only hire new employees through Manpower, and I have helped countless associates find their dream career.

We also find that some candidates believe they are guaranteed employment when they apply with Manpower, and while we strive to find the right fit for all candidates that walk through our doors – employment is never guaranteed. Just like any other employer, we match a candidate’s skills and experience to the positions we have open, and we also assess employment history and other employment verification processes to ensure we deliver the best candidates for the job.

What Piece Of Advice Would You Give To Job Seekers?

Know what you want out of your career, and work hard for it. So many times when we ask a candidate what type of work they are looking for the response is, “anything”. That answer does not help us place you in a position that will allow you to be successful. 

It would be better if you knew what things you like to do, what work environments you thrive in and what your long-term career goals are. When you can effectively communicate that, it allows us to be able to better serve you.

What Qualities Does A Recruiting Specialist Need?

Patience. Sense of urgency. Ability to multitask and change gears quickly. Customer-focused attitude. 

Anything Else You Think People Should Know?

That Manpower genuinely cares about everyone we work with, whether that be our candidates, associates, business partners or our internal staff. We are proud of the fact that we provide a valuable service and that our hard work can literally change the lives of our associates.

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