Business COVID-19 Guidance - Manpower Maine

Business COVID-19 Guidance

We Are Here For You!

It has been incredible to witness businesses around Maine stepping up amidst such challenging times. It makes us proud to be in business alongside of you. While the future remains uncertain, and employers across the state are wondering about the potential long-term economic effects – know that we are here to help.

Like many of you, we have put a thorough business continuity plan into action across all of our offices in Maine in order to support your hiring needs. Together we will #keepmaineworking.

As your hiring partner we have shared updates with you about the precautions and measures we have put into place to keep everyone safe and healthy; now we are asking you to do the same.

Safety Information Sharing:

If we have associates on assignment at your worksite:

-We are asking all clients to provide us with information on their policies and procedures that are applicable to the safety and health of our mutual workforce.

-Keep us informed if any of our associates may have been exposed to someone with COVID-19.

Business Needs Update:

Keep us aware of any potential hiring changes (ramp ups or downsizing)

-If you need additional staff to support increased absenteeism, increased demand, or turnover – we can help provide the staff you need.

-If you are in the hard position of downsizing your workforce we can work with your staff to provide a bridge to employment.

Workforce Continuity Strategies

React. Respond. Retain. Recover.

The COVID-19 pandemic has left many essential businesses short-staffed, while at the same time many workers from non-essential businesses have been laid off. Our recruiting teams are currently bridging that gap – ensuring essential functions continue to be staffed throughout Maine.

Candidate Selection Ownership:

Limit unnecessary visitors by allowing Manpower to manage the candidate selection process. Clients all over Maine value our proven performance system and choose to leverage our screening expertise.

Increased Absenteeism Response:

In the coming days, weeks, and potentially months we anticipate increases in our clients’ needs to cover both short-term and long-term labor gaps. We will work with your team to weather a forecast that will likely change daily.

Your Candidate Retention:

In this time of uncertainty, organizations may pause hiring due to fear of the unknown. As an alternative approach, Manpower can temporarily payroll your candidates to keep them engaged and involved with your organization until the time to hire is right.

Direct Hire Support:

Organizations are losing access to recruiting resources like public job fairs, while HR leaders are being pulled away from hiring to manage new challenges in the face of COVID-19. Don’t let these obstacles diminish your professional hiring efforts.

We are here for you in times of uncertainty and times of growth. Lean on us to help you during these challenging times.