4 steps to enter the workforceCongratulations! You did it.

Whether you are crossing the High School or College stage, you are undeniably entering the next phase of your adult life. Graduation is a major milestone that should be celebrated – so before you start worrying about ‘what’s next’ take a moment to honor your achievement and pat yourself on the back.

This summer is all about figuring out what your next best step is. While this time is exciting, it may also be a bit scary due to the uncertainty of what the future holds. Don’t worry – you don’t need to have it all figured out today – your career is a constant journey, and all those friends you have that seem to have it all mapped out, well let’s just say they don’t, and that’s okay too. You are about to start a rewarding journey, and we can’t wait to see how far you go!

No matter where you are in your journey Manpower Maine has your back!

We’ve put together a simple roadmap with 4 steps to enter the workforce to help you get started, simply take one step at a time – and you will always get where you need to go.

Step 1: Identify your professional skills

The first key to job and career success is honest self-reflection and recognizing what you bring to the table. Individuals new to the workforce often make one of two mistakes – over or under-valuing their skillset. Before you begin your job search, you may find taking validated skills assessments can help you identify your strengths & weaknesses.

Step 2: Outline your short & long-term goals

Yes, your road map will change more times than you can count, but you still should have an idea of which direction you are heading. Every job you have can (and should) be a stepping-stone to your next one. So, ask yourself what your goals are and what position can help you achieve that next step.

Step 3: Do a little market research

Beginning your job search with a solid understanding of the current employment market in your area will reduce your frustration and help you make a solid decision when the time comes. You may have an idea of what you want to do for work, but is what you want available? You may have an idea of how much you want or need to earn – but do your financial expectations match the current market rate in your area?

Step 4: Start the job search process

Now that you know your skill sets, your short-term goals, and the reality of the market, you are well-poised to start an effective search. The search process can be overwhelming and defeating if your approach is all over the place. Focus in on what skills you have, what jobs can benefit from those skills, and which jobs or companies will help with your incremental career growth. It is unlikely that you will find your “dream” job when you are just entering the workforce, so it is okay to accept each job for what it is, an opportunity to help you build your employment reputation and your resume for what lies ahead.

Many successful people will tell you everyone’s journey is different, and each journey will be filled with its own unexpected twists and turns. Make the most of your journey, carve your own path, and see where the road takes you. And, if you need help along the way – Manpower is here to help.

Best of luck and congratulations from the Manpower Maine family.

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