It’s that time of year again. Time to go through all your photos and pick a few to submit for consideration in next year’s Manpower Maine Calendar.

This year’s calendar is a BIG ONE. Manpower Maine will be celebrating 60 years of service in our beautiful state, and we want people to be as wowed with our calendar as they are with the amazing customer service you provide each and every day. Our 2019 calendar is one of my favorites so far filled with interesting perspectives, vibrant colors, and captured the simple beauty that we are all surrounded by. But as awesome as last year’s calendar was, I bet you can top it once again this year. So dig through your photos, and upload them here.

Submissions are due by Monday, August 31st.

Photo Requirements: 

  • Original sized photos are necessary. 
  • No people photographs 
  • Photo must be taken in Maine 

Best Practices: 

  • Horizontal pictures are preferred for the calendar vs vertical ones 
  • Take photos from different perspectives: close ups & far away images 
  • Photos do not have to be outdoors or of landscapes 
  • Take pictures each season as we will need pictures that represent each month 
  • Lighting is important, we look for bright photos for the calendar. 

Be creative and have fun!  


Last Year’s Photos

For a little inspiration here is a reminder of the photos selected for the 2020 calendar.