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If career advancement is what you are after, rest assured you have a significant amount of influence over making that happen. Advancement does not just happen by chance – it does happen by having clearly defined goals and a well-mapped out plan.

In this month’s PowerYOU spotlight, we are shining a light on an online training program to get your career on the right track. Topics covered in this 7 segment training are:

Internal Advancement & Development Opportunities

You don’t necessarily have to jump ship in order to find advancement opportunities.

Making a Lateral Move Within Your Organization

Not all career advancement is a step up, perhaps it is a step sideways. Learn more about lateral career moves in this segment.

Creating a Promotion Plan

Drive your own career advancement. Developing a promotion plan will help you create a roadmap to help you keep moving forward.

Benefiting from a Promotion Plan

Your effort is a deciding factor in how far you go. When you develop your own promotion plan and work towards it, you are taking the driver’s seat.

Requesting Career-advancing Assignments

Your ticket to success is being able to demonstrate your ability by taking on career-advancing assignments. In this segment you will learn how and when to request such projects.

Successfully Changing Careers

There are times when you may have gone as far as you can within a single organization, and that is okay. If you have reached that point you want to implement smart strategies to make a career change.

Exercise: Getting Your Career on Track

This is your opportunity to put what you have learned into action. Complete this exercise in order to take your first step towards career advancement.

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