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Stress; we all have it. Personal stresses. Professional stresses. We have all become adept at handling minor stresses, but in times of more heightened stress levels, everyone could benefit from having some added tools to help us cope with and manage it. Without effective strategies to deal with it, stress can have a negative impact on your mental and physical health.

In this month’s PowerYOU spotlight, we are shining a light on an online presentation called: Take a Deep Breath and Manage Your Stress. Topics covered in this 6 segment training are:

The Toll That Stress Takes

Walk away better understanding the overall impact stress has on you.

Beyond Just a Feeling: What Is Stress

Take away a basic understanding of what stress actually is.

The Signs of Burnout

Are you mildly stressed? Or have you crossed the line to being burned out?

Tips to Cope

Here you will receive some practical tips to help you more effectively cope with stress.

The ABC Model: Moving from Negative to Positive

An easy to remember model that you can implement right away to change your thinking.

Putting the ABC Model to Work

Another practical take-away that you can start practicing right away to improve your stress levels.

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