Did you start the year strong having the best of intentions, and the motivation to back it up? As spring approaches, you may find that motivation dwindling, but that is normal! Everyone goes through periods in their job where motivation is lacking; maybe monotony is getting the best of you, or maybe there are things going on in your personal life that are drawing your attention away from where it should be during working hours. The important thing is to address and correct the situation before it escalates. Follow the tips below to get motivated and maintain your positive momentum! 

Take Note of Your Habits:

Take note of what tasks you put off most often (or have the least amount of motivation to complete), and then try to figure out what it is that is holding you back. Do you simply lack the resources and tools needed to complete these tasks? If so, a conversation with your supervisor might go a long way in remedying the situation. Do you not have the confidence needed to feel successful in your role? Whatever the dilemma may be, pinpointing the motivation drainer will better position you to craft an effective solution. 

Make a Plan:

Once you’ve committed to improving your situation, make a plan and hold yourself accountable. Visuals can be very powerful motivators, so you may find that organizing your priorities in a planner (or even a simple color-coded list) helps make developing a game plan and tackling your duties more straightforward. You could also consider setting up a reward system to help give yourself a little extra incentive to complete all of your tasks, big and small. Think carefully about the things you enjoy and are passionate about – what are some ways you could incorporate them into your plan to get back on track at work? There are lots of different strategies you can employ in your plan, but ultimately, the most effective on will depend on your individual work style and what drives you.

Push Yourself Outside of Your Comfort Zone:

If your day-to-day starts feeling dreadfully monotonous, it could just be that you’re bored and in need of a challenge. Step out of your comfort zone by seeking out opportunities to develop new skills and competencies. Talk to your boss; it might be possible to expand your duties to include things that play to your strengths and interests, or for you to mix things up by contributing to an upcoming project and get some exposure in an area of business that you wouldn’t normally be involved in. Not only will branching out provide you with more variety and job satisfaction, but it will assist you with your professional development by strengthening your resume and making you a more well-rounded worker. 

Focus on What You Can Control:

Few things zap motivation and productivity faster than perceptions of powerlessness or inadequacy. It’s important to acknowledge that while there are non-negotiables in every work environment – like the work that needs to get done – there are many factors in your control, and those are the things that you will be best served to focus on. These things include, but are certainly not limited to: the way you carry out your daily tasks, your attitude about your work, and the way you choose to respond to your circumstances. Fighting the non-negotiables is futile and unproductive, and will only leave you feeling more frustrated. When you focus on what you can control, you empower yourself to take action – and when you take meaningful action, you improve your self-confidence and feeling of competence, which will make it easier to take action next time!  

Be Mindful of the Energy You Surround Yourself With:

Have you ever had an interaction with someone that left you feeling really negative and drained? If so, you understand how easily someone’s mood can affect your own. Be mindful of the energy you surround yourself with, and spend time with people that lift you up. Being around positive, motivated, and goal-oriented individuals will not only make it easier for you to stay positive and manage stress more appropriately, but it can also expose you to new ways of doing things that will help you be more effective and successful.  


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