Summer Work Engagement

It’s that time of year again! Summer has arrived, and with it comes beautiful weather, school vacation, sandy beaches, and so many other wonderful things to look forward to. With opportunities for distraction all around, it’s understandable that you might have some difficulty staying engaged at work, even if you LOVE your job. Here are some tips to help you stay focused, productive, and happy at work this season!

Make time for fun and relaxation.

A hectic schedule combined with the demands of daily life can make it difficult to prioritize fun, but it’s important to do, even if you can only commit a small amount of time to it. Taking a little break is the perfect way to hit the mental refresh button, which helps reduce stress, improve your focus, and enhance your overall sense of wellbeing – both in and out of the workplace.

Change up your daily work routine.

When you’re struggling to feel engaged, a change in your routine can go a long way in helping to reinvigorate your workday. If you work in a position where you’re able to, switch up the order of your daily tasks a bit. Tackle your hardest work at the times you’re naturally more focused and efficient, so that when your energy starts to wane, you can take care of your less detail-oriented work.



Take your breaks. 

We know breaks are important, but when things get busy, it can feel like there isn’t time to take them. Skipping them can leave you with unhealthy levels of stress and can cause you to burn out, so it’s vital to give your mind and body breaks periodically. Doing this helps you work safer, feel happier, and can effectively improve your performance.

Set goals, and reward yourself.

It’s always good to set goals, but there is no better time for some added incentives than when you’re struggling to stay on task. Set specific, measurable goals that detail what needs to be accomplished and when it needs to happen. Choose a reward that you will be truly excited by, and then get started. When you’ve met your goal, enjoy! You’ve earned it. 



Figure out what you really want.

The best way to resolve your disengagement is to figure out where it’s really coming from – is it just the beautiful weather making it hard to focus, or is there a bigger issue at play? Maybe you’re craving a challenge, an opportunity to develop new skills, or a more efficient way to complete your tasks. Whatever the barrier may be, pinpointing the problem will better position you to fix it. 






Talk to your supervisor.

If you’re still feeling unengaged despite your best efforts to improve things, consider discussing these challenges with your supervisor. If you feel that you’re missing something you need to be successful or happy in the workplace, and they can make adjustments to help you accomplish that within reason, chances are that they will do their best to work on a solution with you.