Job fairs can be an excellent opportunity for you to not only find your next great hire, but also to reinforce your employment brand. Like anything else, job fairs can be a hit or a miss, but your odds of getting that next great hire are directly tied to how well you are positioning your company and your job openings, as well as making sure you are standing out above the competition.

Here are some simple tips to help your make the most out of every job fair you attend.

Register Early On

Often times you can receive a number of added bonuses by committing early. One benefit of registering early can be prime booth placement, because we all know, location matters. Another added benefit may be the inclusion of your company name or job openings in pre-event advertising. 

Work The Floor

It is ideal for you to staff your booth with at least two representatives. This way you can have one person walking the floor and one working the booth. Not only might this help you identify potential candidates, but by walking the floor you can get some competitive intel. 



Grab Their Attention

Your booth space should be professional, clean, and well-organized. The biggest draw to your booth is going to be the people who are working it. Are they standing up and engaging people as they walk by? Or are they sitting behind a laptop looking too busy to talk?

Send The Best

Be sure to send company representatives who not only will be an accurate reflection of your brand, but most importantly are able to answer common questions about your company, what it’s like to work there, and provide information on the application process. 



Capture The Interaction

Make it easy for a candidate to officially express interest in your company. Whether you have a simple paper form for them to fill out or a tablet to gather information, this will become a great post-event resource for you. If you have time, review the information with them right then and there. 




Always Follow Up

Follow up with everyone, even if you aren’t confident you have a position available for them today. Recruiting is all about relationship building and providing applicants with a positive experience. A follow-up doesn’t have to be a complicated process it could be as simple as an email or text.