When you think of staffing agencies, do you think: “opportunity, competitive wages, varied skilled jobs?” Or, are you one of the few that believe the myths? In this post we will outline some common misnomers about staffing companies, and hopefully help you find another tool for your tool box.

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“Staffing firms are only for those that cannot find a job on their own.”

That is kind of like saying, “social media is only for people that can’t make their own friends”…While you obviously can find your own friends, social websites make it easier to meet and connect with people that you never knew existed.

Staffing services are much of the same, except much more. We are not just a tool that will help you expand your job search network. Our team members are employment experts; wouldn’t it be helpful to have an expert in your corner?

We want to be the first resource you turn to so we can help make finding a job as stress free as possible. According to the American Staffing Association, nine out of 10 workers said that staffing work made them more employable.


“An employment agency won’t have a position I would be interested in.”

Sometimes the perfect job is actually the one you never even knew you wanted. This is where a Recruiter’s expertise comes into play. We get to know you and help find a position that you will not only be successful in, but one you will also enjoy.

Manpower offers a variety of positions for every skill level from entry to executive level. We have jobs in accounting and finance, call center/customer service, marketing, engineering, hospitality, manufacturing, engineering and more. While there is a possibility we may not have a position you are interested in today, that doesn’t mean your ideal job may not come our way tomorrow. This is why being registered with us and clear about what you are looking for becomes so important. 








 “Staffing companies only offer temporary jobs.”

 We are proud to be able to offer temporary assignments because they fulfill a need in the marketplace both for employers and jobseekers that need a little flexibility. With that being said, our work doesn’t stop there.

The vast majority of our job openings are temp-to-hire, which means that ultimately they are a “working interview”. It is an opportunity for you to be able to go into a company and provide immediate value, and together both you and the company can decide if this is a good fit for the long term. 

With the talent shortage we are facing, we are seeing significant increase in employers reaching out to us in order to use our tools to increase their candidate pool. This means we source, screen, and place qualified candidates in front of them, and once an offer is made you will be employed directly through the company with access to their benefits package. 

Whether you come to us for temporary, temp-to-hire, or permanent work we will work with you to provide you with what you need, or at the very least, point you in the right direction.

The key to your success is pretty simple, and it is the mostly in your control – show up on time, work hard, and be a good team member – employers will take notice, and good things will come your way.





“A staffing company only offers low-paying jobs.”

Let’s begin by first saying that what one person considers to be low-paying, could be a significant increase and very satisfying to someone else.

Wages in Maine are steadily on the rise, and manpower works with our clients to make sure that the pay offered is competitive, because ultimately not only is it good for your wallet – is also makes it easier for us to recruit well-qualified candidates. Pay rates are determined by a number of factors and are never pulled from thin air. They are based on skill/education level necessary to do the job, past experience required, and market averages for similar positions.

One of the ways we support our associates in achieving their financial career goals is with our powerYOU training platform, which offers candidates hundreds of free online courses designed to help develop lifelong skills that are in demand, all which will move you forward in your career. These classes are also mobile friendly so you can explore and learn on the go. 

“Agencies take money from you.”

This is one of the most common and most pervasive myths out there in regards to staffing firms. While we are not in a positions to speak about what practices other agencies have, one thing is for certain, Manpower does not now, no have we ever, charged or taken money from any of our associates. All costs associated are covered by the hiring companies.

What is most important for any associate that works for us to understand is when we advertise a job opening, the pay rate that is advertised is exactly what you will be paid. We will never charge you a dime. If another agency is trying to charge you, we say…walk away.

“Everyone gets hired.”

We wish we could say it was that simple, but it isn’t. Many factors play in to the hiring decisions. Everything from how many and what jobs are available, to the skills necessary to do the job, to past work history and references. We are focused on finding the right people for the right job. Having a track-record of solid performance will increase your earning potential and help you grow in your career so we want to be sure you are successful. The same goes for our clients.

This does mean that not everyone we get an application from is hired. We do not hire on a “first-come-first-served” basis – we always look for candidates who are qualified for the job and who will provide immediate and consistent value to the organizations in which we hire for.

The key to success: Make the most out of every job you have and realize that success breeds success. All work is noble, all work is meaningful and we are happy to be a part of your career journey.