Seasonal workforce demands are constant in and ever-changing climate.

The climate has shifted to favor employees, which means qualified candidates are likely considering opportunities from your competitors, too. Here are five tips to evolve your competitive strategy and win the seasonal workforce race.

How to Win The Seasonal Workforce Race in 5 Easy Steps:


Know The Competitive Climate.

The hiring climate is ever-changing and, to stay competitive, you need to understand where talent is scarce. The 2015 ManpowerGroup Talent Shortage Survey Report demonstrates the presence of talent shortages worldwide. In the U.S., the top five hardest jobs to fill in 2015 are: Skilled Trade Workers, Drivers, Teachers, Sales Representatives and Administrative Professionals. To attract qualified talent in a highly competitive climate, review the wages you’re offering for each position to ensure they are appealing to candidates. In 2015, many companies have increased wages, and others are expected to follow suit. Learn more about the benefits of increasing wages. 


Start Early.

It’s easy to say, but not always so easy to do for the busy professional. With that said, you’re not the only company looking to boost their seasonal workforce. Starting your hiring strategy early can help you achieve your goals. 


Spend Wisely.

There are many ways to advertise your open positions to potential candidates. From career boards an digital ads to social media and referrals, track which options provide you with the best return and spend your dollars accordingly.


Expand Your Candidate View.

The hiring climate has shifted in favor of employees. With talent shortages abound, consider candidates you previously would not have pursued. Great talent is out there. Finding them may require broadening your view and expanding your reach. Learn more about expanding your candidate view.


Get Real. Then, Get Help.

Be realistic about your goals and in-house capacity. If it’s appropriate to find a partner to get it done, talk with the Manpower team. From small hiring needs to large-scale resourcing, we help clients achieve their goals in budget and on time.