1. Know What Is Expected

In almost any performance review you will be measured on whether or not your meet expectations. If your are not clear on the expectations it is hard to measure your own performance. Ask for clarity early and often. Take the time to actually read the employee manual that is handed out when you are hired, many questions will be answered there. Then work with your manager to fill in the blanks. 

4. Never Stop Learning

Take time to continue your learning! This could mean taking a professional development class or furthering your education. But, learning doesn’t always have to cost money or be in a formal setting. Get advice from one of the top-performers at your work or read trade journals. You would be amazed at what you can learn from a simple Google Search. Learn, try new things and share the knowledge.



2. Be A Good Employee

This is a matter of personal accountability. Every job and organization has it’s challenges, but whether you are a good employee is all within your control. Show up on time, be tactfully honest, be a team player that people can count on, and always remember what they pay you for. If you are on your “a-game” every day you will stand out, and this can lead to career growth.

5. Record Your Accomplishments

Did you receive an award, win a big account, offer a cost saving solution, get a great performance review or a customer compliment? Record them as they happen. This will help you if you find yourself needing to recall your accomplishments for a new job, and, there is nothing more powerful when you are having a rough day to look back on those successes you had.



3. Dress For Success

Dress for the job you want, not the one you have – within reason of course. Dressing for success does not just mean what you wear. It encompasses your entire presentation, including: hygiene, how you speak, and how you treat others. This isn’t just about how others perceive you and whether they take you seriously; when you present well you feel better, when you feel better you perform better. 






The Future Is Yours

Work. It’s more than a place we inhabit for a few hours each day. It can be what inspires and guides us, and sometimes even defines who we are or become. It makes sense that achieving career success ranks high on most people’s agenda. Take the time to define what success means to you, aim high and go after all your goals. We believe in you!














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