How Long Have You Been With Manpower?

I joined the Manpower Maine team 2.5 years ago when I moved from Nashville to Maine. I started my role here in the Assistant Recruiter position – which is a support staff role here at Manpower. After some time I was promoted to the role of Staffing Specialist, and just recently I was promoted to a new role here as a Client Solutions Specialist. 

Tell Me A Little Bit About Your New Position? 

Well, you see, what is most exciting about this new role is it’s like having the best of both worlds. I still get to work hand in hand with candidates and help find them a job that is perfect for them and meet the needs of our current clients. But, in addition I get to spend the other half of my time making new connections.

I thoroughly enjoy making new connections, and while this role will take me out of my comfort zone a bit, I am excited because I love a challenge. I want to learn about all the businesses in Northern and Down East Maine, I know we have unique hiring challenges in “the county”, and I want to help my clients solve a real business problem, which is attracting and retaining amazing talent!

What Do You Like Most About Manpower?

There is nothing more satisfying then working for a company that truly values their employee’s work & home life balance. As a young professional I want the ability to grow in my career, and I appreciate that my management team cared enough to recognize my strengths and provide me with the opportunity to grow those skills.

I am thrilled to say that I work with the best team of professionals in all of Maine. That isn’t just our team here in the Bangor office, it is all across the state. Our offices collaborate well and with technology we may be miles away but ultimately my team is right by my side all the time!

What Is Your Favorite Thing To Do In Maine?

Anything that involves enjoying the beautiful landscape of Maine, whether it’s taking a long, scenic drive or walking along one of the many beaches – Maine has it all! This state is absolutely stunning. I consider myself lucky to have landed here!


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