How is “Matt” fitting in ?

Matt is a great addition to our team in Retail Operations. Including Matt, there are 13 employees in Retail Operations and he fits in extremely well with everyone; all of his co-workers enjoy having him in the department and working with him. He is extremely courteous with both his internal customers (co-workers) and external customers. Her in Deposit Ops, while we do expect a lot from our employees-we also want work to be fun and enjoyable, and Matt’s personality fits right in with our philosophy. He’s focuses on his work yet is very personable and displays a high level of enthusiasm, humor and spontaneity, he truly is a great asset to the Retail Ops team.

Tell us a little about Matt’s work ethic,attitude? 

We were, and continue to be, impressed with how quickly Matt learns a new task, he is extremely easy to train and is very eager to learn all he can. He regularly completes work ahead of schedule and consistently finds the right balance between volume and quality. He works independently on duties he’s already been trained on and isn’t afraid to as a question if he is uncertain on something. He takes pride in his work and is very thorough and I know the work that leaves his desk is complete and accurate.

What about attendance?

Matt is completely reliable, punctual and he begins each day eager to face any new challenges that may come his way. He easily adjusts his schedule whenever necessary and is willing to work extra hours when needed. 

We are very lucky to have Matt as part of our team. 

Editor’s Note: Due to confidentiality agreements we have chosen to remove the client’s name along with changing the name of the associate. We regularly request performance reviews for our associates to make sure that the opportunities we provide continue to be good fits. 

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