Can you tell us about your experience with Manpower?

I was enrolled in school and looking for employment when I learned about Manpower. I didn’t quite know what to expect when I first made an account on the Manpower website, but the very next day I received a phone call and over the next 15 minutes or so we went through my employment history, my interests, my skills, and more to develop a more complete profile.

Tell us a little about how you came to find your job? 

After completing my profile I was asked to check back weekly to see if any jobs came available that matched my skills, and in the meantime, I was able to browse the list of available positions myself. It was there that I spotted the IT position I am in now.

At first [company] was seeking a candidate available to work 3 full days a week, but as I was a student I only had afternoons available. 

So how was Manpower able to help?

Manpower was fantastic. They negotiated for me and [Company] agreed to have me come in every weekday afternoon instead. After a pretty cool video interview process I was offered the position and accepted. 

I really feel like the Manpower team helped me each step of the way and made the most of my potential. I worked for 12 short weeks as a temp for [company] through Manpower, and then [company] decided to hire me on full time. 

Now I am looking forward to continue to develop my career there. 

Editor’s Note: Chris is a great example of how work to understand the needs of both our associates and clients and work to build a bridge to support everyone involved. Congratulations Chris on your career accomplishment and we hope your future is filled with great success!

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