Expanding Your Candidate View

As a hiring manager, you are charged with managing and mitigating the risks associated with hiring. In an employer’s market, you were in the fortunate position where you had a larger candidate pool to draw from, which meant you could be more selective in the risks you took. But now that the market has shifted, you are faced with an unsettling choice: either risk productivity by increasing the time it takes to hire, or expand your applicant pool and take some calculated risks.

Either choice can cause you to lose a little sleep at night. But we can help put your mind at ease and make hiring less risky for you!

Life Happens – But People Can – and Do – Change

While many can say they have experienced the occasional hiccup in their career, some have more than others. Manpower has a long history of working with those candidates and through that experience has developed a proven process to effectively screen and place them in positions that will be a win for all parties involved. This requires having staff that is trained on recognizing transferrable skills and when a candidate has made a personal and professional commitment to change.

Some red flag candidates we have experienced long-term success with include those with:

Significant Gaps in Employment    Several Job Transitions  
Outdated Skill Sets Lack of Post-Secondary Education
Past Attendance Issues Minor Criminal Records

Working Interviews

Many organizations chose to work with Manpower Maine for the sole purpose of our working interviews. Temp-to-Hire positions are a great opportunity for you to take a low-risk chance on a candidate with some red flags, but who you believe could be a good fit.

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