Congratulations, you got the job! Now, the real work begins.

If you want your new employer to take notice and appreciate your contribution to the team, simply follow these 5 rules and you are sure to stand out. 

Be on Time – Or Better Yet, Arrive Early.

The simplest things are often the hardest, like showing up on time. While your manager might not make a scene every time you are five minutes late, a level of trust is broken! Always arrive ten minutes early – grab your cup of coffee, take care of your morning greetings, and be ready to work at your scheduled time. 

Embrace Learning a New Way.

Yes, you were hired for this role because you had the skills and experience necessary. While you might be used to doing things one way, it is imperative to learn the way your new employer does it. First start by learning their process. If after some time you have suggestions, communicate them appropriately.

Don’t Forget the Reason Why They Pay You.

You are there to get a job done and to be as productive as possible. Consequently, stay mindful of how you are spending your time. Whenever possible, avoid time-wasters and distractions; this includes personal calls, internet surfing and non-work related conversations with peers.

Don’t Add to Workplace Drama.

Personality conflicts, frustrations with processes, and lack of resources are very real in every workplace. These things can lead to drama. While completely preventing or avoiding office drama is likely out of your control – whether you actively participate in it isn’t. You are best served to keep things professional at all times. 

Be A Positive Brand Ambassador.

Be proud of the organization you work for and help it celebrate it’s successes. Tell your friends and family why you like it there and the good work they do. Steer away from any public criticism about the business or your job. You are part of a team now, and if the team does well, so will you.

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