Overcoming Career MistakesDespite the best of intentions, we all make mistakes from time to time, and our professional lives are no exception to that rule. As long as we learn from our mistakes and commit to doing better, they typically don’t interfere with our ability to grow professionally. However, if you’ve made the same mistakes a few too many times – such as not calling or showing to your job or missing too many project deadlines, a pattern starts to emerge, which can make overcoming career mistakes more difficult.

If you’ve struggled with similar professional challenges in the past, but you’re now ready and able to commit to working hard and doing your best, a staffing firm may be able to help you reach your employment goals. They can do this by helping you:


Demonstrate that you’re ready for a second chance

If you have some challenges in your work history, like job abandonment or poor performance, employers might be reluctant to take a chance on hiring you. How can they be sure that the same patterns won’t be repeated and negatively impact their business? One way to help alleviate their concerns is by showing them that things have changed – and staffing firms can provide you with opportunities to do just that. Succeeding in short-term or temporary roles helps rebuild your professional brand by giving you evidence that you’ve recommitted to being a dependable and hardworking employee. This helps build trust that can earn you consideration for long-term and permanent positions.

Reduce the likelihood of job dissatisfaction

When you’re trying to figure out what kind of work you’re interested in, it can be helpful to try new things and experiences to see what clicks for you. However, if you change jobs frequently without spending a significant amount of time at any one place, you run the risk of being labeled a chronic ‘job-hopper’ – and potential employers might be scared that you’ll leave them after they invest their time and energy in training you. In addition to helping you gain exposure to a variety of jobs that you may not have considered otherwise, partnering with a staffing firm like Manpower can help you reduce the likelihood of job dissatisfaction – which will help you enjoy more job longevity and build a more stable work history. Our expert Recruiters dig deep during the interview process to learn about your strengths, likes and dislikes, goals, and work environment preferences so that they can set you up for success by making the best match possible.

Level-up your skills by providing coaching & access to training

Are you applying to jobs but not hearing back? Or maybe you’ve interviewed a couple times, only to find out they’ve selected another applicant? This can be very frustrating, especially if you’ve been working on overcoming career mistakes for a while haven’t found any promising leads in your job search. When you work with a staffing firm such as Manpower, you will have an experienced partner that can help you navigate the hiring process, provide resume and interview feedback, and connect you with free online training that will give you an opportunity to build highly sought-after skills. By utilizing these available resources, you can improve your chances of job search success by making yourself a more competitive candidate for job openings.

Get your foot in the door at a great company

Staffing firms like Manpower are connected to a vast network of companies, and this often includes some of the most reputable companies in their respective industries. If you’ve had your eye on a very competitive company but have not been able to get your foot in the door for one reason or another, Manpower may be able to use their strong client relationships to help you bridge that gap. A company may be more inclined to offer you a temp-to-hire opportunity so that you can prove your skills and dependability before they make the commitment to hire you onto their team permanently.

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