These days, most talk about safety in the workplace revolves around COVID-19. While that is a very important conversation to prioritize as this pandemic evolves, it is also important that we not lose sight of the many other ways that we need to keep ourselves safe at work.  Here are some basic safety tips to keep in mind as you go about your workday:

Tips to Thrive - Safety Matters

Be Mindful of Ergonomics

Proper ergonomics are a key component of preventing injury and discomfort. Avoid hunching or other awkward positions that put unnecessary strain on your body. If it’s not possible to maintain a natural posture and comfortable bodily position at your workstation, then speak with your employer about making adjustments to optimize the safety of your setup.

Safety Matters Tip 2

Don’t Operate Equipment Without Training

Never operate machinery or equipment that you haven’t been trained on. While it may look as simple as pushing a button, it could be very dangerous if you are not aware of the required safety precautions. Taking the time to learn the proper procedures will help keep everyone out of harm’s way.

Safety Matters Tips 3

Follow Your Employer’s Safety Guidelines

Every work environment is different, so the types of safety considerations that are needed vary from company to company. Your employer has established guidelines that are unique to the risks of your particular job and worksite, so for everyone’s safety, it is important to familiarize yourself with these guidelines and abide by them at all times.

Safety Matters Tip 4

Report Safety Hazards

If you see something unsafe or you have questions or concerns about something that is happening in the workplace, promptly bring it to the attention of your supervisor. Prevention is key to a hazard-free work environment, so it is important to address such issues as soon as possible.