Highlighting what you have to offer is an important part of any job search, and as you know, it’s important to keep demonstrating that value once you’ve landed a job. However, once you’ve been with a company for a while and you get comfortable, you may sometimes find yourself forgetting that and losing your drive to go above and beyond. It’s natural for your motivation to ebb and flow, but be sure to address the issue immediately so that you can continue bringing your best self to your job every day. This can improve your job security, and increase your opportunities for advancement and growth by showing that you are ready to tackle new challenges. Here are some simple ways to demonstrate the value that you have to offer as an employee: 

Be a team player.

The ability to work well with a team is vital to success in any work environment. Even if you work mostly independently, it is inevitable that there will be times where you have to communicate and collaborate with others. There are always lots of different tasks that need to get done, and in order to ensure that these tasks get done in a way that keeps things running as they should, teammates have to cooperate with each other. Set aside any personal differences, maintain a level of professional respect for your peers, and work together in support of your common goal – producing quality work. 

Have a positive attitude. 

Sometimes, the simplest things make the biggest impact, so don’t underestimate the difference that a little more positivity and enthusiasm could make at work. By steering clear of drama and focusing on the things that are in your control, you add tremendous value to your team by helping to cultivate the kind of work environment that people are happy to be a part of, AND you set the tone for personal success by optimizing your productivity. Talk about a win-win!

Ask for feedback, and provide it as appropriate. 

To maintain a competitive advantage, don’t just do your job – be committed to doing it well. Even if you feel you have a pretty good system down, being open to feedback could mean the difference between doing a good job and doing a great one. New perspectives help us see information in ways that we may not have been able to otherwise! This means that you also have a great opportunity to help others grow by sharing your knowledge and ideas. If you excel at something that a coworker struggles with, offer to share your knowledge and help them. Taking a moment to assist a teammate can go a long way in fostering pleasant, professional working relationships. Plus, you’re on the same team, so their success is your success!

Seize opportunities to learn new skills. 

When you get asked to lend a hand with something a little out of your wheelhouse, resist the urge to cling to your comfort zone. Seizing opportunities to develop new skills and learn about other parts of the company not only helps you grow professionally, it gives you a competitive edge by providing you with new ways to contribute and provide value to your company. Being flexible in this way shows that you’re invested in the success of the company and you’re interested in growing with it, which is something that employers can’t help but love – after all, who wouldn’t enjoy working with someone that wants them to succeed? 

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