What was it like before you used Manpower Maine?

After getting out of the military, we moved to Maine and everything was new to me. I was looking for a job in accounting and I overheard someone talking about (company) using Manpower to hire temporary personnel.

I was nervous because I had never used a temporary agency prior to this. I asked people about Manpower and I heard so many great things so, I decided to send them my resume. Next thing I knew, I recieved a call saying they would like to do an interview. Soon after this I was informed that (company) actually had openings. This assignment was supposed to be temporary but they extended my contract yearly.

Once I completed my bachelors degree in Business, I thought beginning my career job-search on my own would be easy. I tried for a week and knew it was not the perfect timing. If I wanted to get immediate results, I needed to get back with Manpower. 

What specific results did you get from Manpower Maine? 

I’ve recieved fast results in obtaining a job through Manpower three different times. They are very diligent in making the process go as fast and smooth as possible. Every client requires different paperwork that Manpower provides them. Manpower stays in contact with you every step of the way during the whole process from your interview, to the paperwork, the background check, and so on. 

On the first day of work, they provide you all the information you will need as to where you will meet your new employer, what paperwork you may need to take to them, etc. 

Manpower employees are very friendly. They want to find you a job that works for you. 

How did you feel about working with Manpower Maine?

I love working for Manpower. I’ve personally worked with them for three years straight. I took a little time off and recently came back. The thing I love most is that Manpower employees take the time to learn about you. They use this information in selling you to a prospective employer. Their goal is to match your experience with the perfect job. The most important thing is I’ve never felt pressured to do anything I was not comfortable with.

Editor’s Note: Tommie was recently hired on permanently through her most recent assignment and the Manpower team is thrilled for her and very appreciative of all her hard work. Congratulations Tommie – and thank you for choosing Manpower Maine!

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