5 Tips to Help You Fill Positions Faster

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The world of work is changing; that means our hiring strategies must change as well. Unemployment has not been this low since May of 2007. Job seekers have the advantage, which means that employers must start getting creative about their hiring strategies. You have jobs to fill, and every day a position remains open is another day the work is not getting done, so time is of the essence. 

Here are some simple tips to help you win the war for talent.

Be Competitive

Minimum wage in Maine is now at $9 per hour. In January, it will be $10, and up to $12 in 2020. Did your pay rates for experienced workers rise with the change? Take the time to look at your competitors in the area - can you top what they are paying to make your company stand out?

Offer Perks

Yes, traditional benefits are important. But have you looked at non-traditional benefits that could be a selling point? Whether you offer perks like summer hours, flexible attire, or bring your dog to work days, make sure you are mentioning them in your recruitment efforts.



Be Flexible

Make it a point to distinguish between your needs and wants when it comes to your candidates. While some skills are 'must-haves,' others could be teachable or perhaps less important. Being reasonably flexible in your expectations will help open up your candidate pool. 

Skill Them Up

Your current workforce is the best source of talent for your more experienced positions. Often it is easier to fill the more entry-level positions with the current available workforce. So, if you can skill up the team you have, it will help with both retention and entry-level recruitment efforts. 



Find a Partner

Why go it alone if you don't have to? When you partner with a staffing firm like Manpower, you will not only gain access to our current talent pool, but you will also tap into our market expertise, and we will develop a recruiting plan to fill your job openings quickly.