Time Reporting

Making sure you are paid correctly and on time is one of our most important commitments to you, but we need your help. It’s your responsibility to report your time by:

  • Accurately tracking the time you begin and end work, and how long you take for lunch.
  • Accurately reporting all hours worked each week (Manpower’s work week is Monday through Sunday).
  • Submitting your time for approval by one of the methods included in this Handbook.
  • Completing your time report accurately in a timely manner. Reports submitted late or inaccurately may cause a delay in your pay. In the event you are overpaid, the overpayment will be deducted from future pay.

Depending upon the company to which you are assigned, you’ll be asked to report your time using one of the methods detailed here. To receive your pay, you are required to enter all of your time using the time capture method
communicated to you for each assignment.

Please refer to the Assignment Details sheet that was provided to you during onboarding to verify how your time will be reported.

Electronic Time Reporting: Manpower provides a convenient and efficient electronic time reporting system, as our standard timekeeping solution. With this tool, you will be required to log your hours and submit your time online, by smartphone, or by telephone. Instructions will be provided at the time of your work assignment. To receive your pay quickly and accurately, enter and submit your time before Sunday at midnight each week.

On-Site Time Clock: You may be asked to use a swipe badge, or a paper punch card, to record your “in” and “out” times while on assignment.

Paper Timeslips: Instructions for the completion of paper timeslips are included on the timeslip itself. Be sure to legibly complete all information. When complete and signed by your supervisor, fax the timeslip to Manpower Business Office at 207-774-3714 or 1-800-539-3714, or scan and email it to portland.me-supportcenter@manpower.com.

Vendor Managed Systems (VMS): If you are assigned to a client that uses a VMS, you may be asked to track your time using an online system. Instructions will be provided at the time of assignment.

Keeping Your Information Current

To ensure prompt deposits, statements, and to receive your annual W2 it is important to contact Manpower immediately with any changes to your address, phone number, financial institution, or any other contact information.